Thought Life Membership

Thought Life Membership Program

Thought Life Membership Program

Helping successful women manage their negative thoughts and develop healthy thought patterns

Program Promise

The Thought Life Membership program and community is for women who are ready to start a new journey of shifting their thoughts into alignment with their goals.  It’s for every woman desiring to overcome negative thoughts that are making it difficult to move forward. It is for women who are tired of dealing with mind battles alone and frustrated not knowing what to do to cope. This program is for women with purpose who need strategies for their thought life and human connections to help them go to the next level. This program is for women who are overthinkers and need help getting out of their head and into their life.

Value & Transformation you will receive

When you sign up for The Thought Life Membership Program and community you are signing up to be part a community of  other amazing women who have made a commitment to prioritize their own mental health. In this program you will do life with women who are trying to build a life they love and need a community of women to walk beside them on this journey. This program will change your thought life, your emotions, and your behaviors.

  • You will start believing what's possible for your life 
  • You will start creating the life you want
  • You will learn to speak the language of clarity
  • You will no longer struggle with going after what you want because you don't have a customized strategy for your thought life
  • You will gain clarity regarding your purpose
  • You will stop feeling all over the place
  • You will dream bigger
  • I'm confident you will level up mentally if you do the work!!!!

About Cameisha your coach

  • Over 10 years of experience in clinical mental health
  • 3 Degrees in psychology, professional counseling, and clinical mental health
  • Successfully built a therapy practice which positioned her to leave her corporate job in less than 1 year of being fully licensed
  • Built a thriving coaching practice (tripled her income) 
  • Created and launched a successful non profit organization called the Classy Lady Awareness Foundation for teenage girls at age 19 (still growing)
  • helped over 1000 people experience breakthroughs in their mental health
  • Cameisha knows how to get you results in your mental health!


*Mental health therapy will NOT be offered at any point during the membership. If you are needing therapy please contact a licensed mental health provider in your area. This membership program is for social networking, spiritual growth, and educational purposes only. Memberships are non-refundable. By enrolling in this program you understand these terms and agree to these conditions. 

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